Opportunities to Volunteer

Part of the mission of Lifted Spirits is to provide an environment where women can build trusting relationships with other women through empowerment programs that draw on members of the surrounding community.  The desired result is women connecting with women, empowering each other, and developing a beneficial and supportive group.

We would love to talk if you are interested in working with us:

  • supply a lunch for 30 women
  • help in computer lab
  • select clothes for ladies in our boutique
  • lead crafts projects
  • bring your music/sing
  • lead dance/light exercises
  • teach self-help and life skills
  • ?? Maybe you have another idea or special gift to share??

We also have women that come and help out in many ways- such as assisting our ladies with laundry, playing a game- cards, puzzles etc. We also need ladies just to sit and lend an ear-some of our ladies would just like someone to talk to.


Would you like to help us but cannot come in person?

You could do a “drive” for needed items- How this works—pick an item(s) and email, call your friends, family, co-workers, neighborhood groups etc. and let them know that you will be collecting items for Lifted Spirits- Womens Drop-in Center for the next 2 weeks and that they can drop items off at your house (if safe, place a bin near front door or?)- workspace etc. We will furnish you with brochures/posters if you like.

Items that easy for a “drive” are items easily obtained at drugstores when you pick up prescriptions etc.:

  • new underwear(all sizes)
  • new socks
  • coldweather/ raingear (umbrellas, hats, gloves, hand-warmers
  • lip balm
  • small lotions
  • make-up– a make-up drive might include—blush-powder, eye shadows, lipstick, mascara etc. and fragrances.